Writing off bad debt

This guide shows the process of writing off bad debt within PPS.

To ensure that the accounts stay balanced within the system invoices that are being written off need to be recorded correctly.

Adding a payment method

A payment method needs to be added to the system to that can be used to record. You can add a payment method by clicking tools >> look-up tables >> payment methods >> open.

You can then use the add button to add a payment method named "bad debt". The banking and reconciliation settings on this screen are not needed and as such can be left blank.

Paying the invoice

Select the invoice that you wish to write off, this can be done be done by double clicking the invoice from the accounts screen by clicking accounts >> accounts.

Pay Invoice1

You will then need to select payments >> record a new payment against this invoice.

Select "Bad Debt" as the payment method and click save.

Balance the accounts

You will now need to balance the accounts in order to ensure that the invoice that has been written off does not effect your accounts reports.

You will need to create a charge with a negative value to balance the original invoice. Click New >> New charge for client.

Select the same charge type as the one being written off and enter the unit cost as a negative to cancel the original charge.

Click OK - Go to invoice / payment and then create invoice.


Set the payment method as "Bad Debt" and click close.


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