Using Zaptag with PPS

This guide will show you how to set up your Zaptag account details within PPS and use the Zaptag functionality – uploading consultation notes, documents and letters to a patients’ online Zaptag account.

Before you can use the Zaptag functionality within PPS, you must contact Zaptag and request to be set up as a ‘Zaptag Provider’. You will need to provide them with a ‘Provider Key’ (your PPS licence number, beginning with 55) and your ‘Provider Name’ (the name of your company or clinic).

Step 1. Set up your Zaptag Provider account details in PPS

  1. The details you enter in PPS will need to match those you gave to Zaptag exactly.

  2. To set these details, go to Tools > Options > General System Options and click on the Clinical Notes tab:

  3. From here, click the Active tick box and enter your ‘Provider Name’.

  4. Click Apply to save these details.

Step 2. Uploading to Zaptag

In order to upload documents to Zaptag a patient’s e-mail address, first name, surname and date of birth need to be filled in. If they do not already have a Zaptag ID and account, this process will create one for them. They will then receive an e-mail with details of how to access the account online.

  1. Uploading Consultation Notes, documents and letters to Zaptag is done from the main Consultation screen within PPS. When you have set your details up as in Step 1 and set Zaptag to Active, the Zaptag button will appear when you load the Consultation screen.

  2. Click Zaptag and choose the Consultation notes you wish to add to this Zaptag upload from the options displayed.

  3. Click OK to go to the Zaptag screen. You will then be notified of how many PDF documents* need to be created in order to upload these details to Zaptag. Each document can take up to 30 seconds to be created so you should be patient.

  4. If the system encounters any duplicate files – i.e. the document or letter has been printed as a PDF previously – then you will be given the option to overwrite the file or create a new version.

    Note: In order to print PDF documents you will need to have the Bullzip PDF Printer driver installed. If you do not have this driver, contact the PPS Support Desk or view the Bullzip installation Help Guide.

  5. When all of the documents have been created/attached, you will be presented with the Zaptag screen. The top section of the screen will display the patient’s Zaptag User Details.

    From here, you can Preview and, if necessary, Remove the documents that are part of the upload. If you choose to remove either a letter or Consultation notes, you will also be given the option to delete them – this refers to the PDF version of the letter or Consultation notes and so will not affect your main PPS records, it is merely for ‘tidiness’.

    If all the documents required have been created and appear in the Document Details list, click Upload Documents to upload the documents to Zaptag.

  6. The Client Log will then contain records of which documents have been uploaded to Zaptag and when.

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